Kenosha/Racine, WI Fishing Report (28 March 2013)

Since we are so close before the boats go in the water, we’d like to share the latest fishing reports – directly from the Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources.  I’ve included both Kenosha & Racine, WI – Lake Michigan waters.  As you can see a lot of the action is occurring in the harbors/marinas/rivers, at the moment.  Soon we’ll be moving to open water and the reports will come directly from us.  Looks like spring is just around the corner, always an exciting time of year for us…..before you know it, we’ll be in the water!!

Capt. Tom

Kenosha Co.

  • Lakefront: Installation of the launch docks at the Simmons Island boat launch began on Wednesday. Anglers in the small boat harbor reported catches of brown trout while fishing with floating spawn sacks and wax worms. Fishermen were seen casting crank baits along the rocky shoreline between the harbor and the piers. Angling pressure along the piers was light with reports of some brown trout being taken. At the mouth of the Pike River, catches of brown trout were reported along the shoreline while bottom fishing with spawn sacks.
  • Pike River: Fishing pressure on the Pike River was light Wednesday morning. Water temperature was 34F. The flow rate on the river was fast and the water was muddy due to the recent snow melt. No reports of fish being taken.

Racine Co.

  • Lakefront: Weather conditions improved Wednesday morning, but angling pressure on the shoreline and piers was light. Fishermen continue to pull brown trout through the ice at Reefpoint Marina but large pockets of open water continue to grow. The ice is 12 inches thick in some areas but there are quite a few reports of anglers stepping through the ice around the docks. Anglers fishing the rocky shoreline around the Pershing Park boat launch report limited success. The Pershing Park and Meyers Park boat launches are not open at this time. More information on the official opening will be announced by the Racine Parks and Recreation Department after April 1st.
  • Root River: Fly fishermen had limited success at the Horlick Dam, but a few steelhead were taken using floating spawn sacks. The flow and water level at the dam have been steadily rising due to recent melting of ice and snow. Fishermen at Quarry Lake Park reported nice catches of steelhead from the northern fence line at Quarry Lake downstream to the first bridge. The majority of fish ranged between three to six pounds. Successful anglers drifted spawn sacks across the deeper holes in slow water. Light fishing pressure was reported at Colonial Park and water temperature ranged from 31-34F. Early morning fishing at Lincoln Park proved difficult as small chunks of ice and slush flowed down river and ice formed on bait and tackle. When the river cleared, fishermen reported catching a few steelhead and brown trout using floating spawn sacks. Fly fishermen had limited success. At Island Park, anglers landed a few steelhead and browns from deep holes along the river bends. Successful anglers used a small jig tipped with a small white plastic worm and a wax worm under a slip bobber. Anglers working the river bend below Cable Bridge in Washington Park used the same jig and worm combination to land a few browns and steelhead. The Root River Steelhead Facility is currently running, and our first spawning day is tentatively scheduled for Monday, April 1.